Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lolie and Shellie

Today I'm back to share some more Mintay papers from the "Together" collection.  I'm really enjoying playing with colors I don't normally use so the challenge has been fun!!  I started by using those Joy "Ornamental" borders and layered up.  I even layered some of the new gorgeous laces available in the store.   They are pretty!  Even their names are pretty with Lace Aria, Lace Darcia and some Beaded Ivory Pearl Trim.  I also used my new favorite die (under my image) called "Clock with Swirls".  What a stunning piece!! 

Eeeeeee back with the flowers!!  Again tho, I am so excited to be using the BON BON's!!!  And of course the spirals but BOTH are available in a gorgeous array of colors so there's something for everyone!!  Or one of every color.  hee hee  😀😀

In the 6 x 6 paper pad there are a few extra sheets that have some designs you can cut out, like these air balloons.  There is also a sheet of tags....well, you might call them something else but I used one and added a little "HELLO" sentiment.

Oh and here's a Whimsy image called Lolie and Shellie who I've colored using Copics.  Oh she's just a darling!

Thanks so much for popping in!!


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G21, 94, 99
W3, 5, 7, 9
E50, 53, 55, 57
R11, 20, 12, 02

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Well this was fun!!!  LOL!!  I got a chance to use LDRS's "Tea-Riffic" for a second time but managed one with black hair instead of brown!  I paired her with some new LemonCraft papers called "Violet Silence" which come in 12 x 12 and 6 x 6 pads.  I've used 3 rows of lace incorporating some mini pink pom poms, sparkly flower rhinestone pearl trim and gorgeous Lace Jacqueline.  If you haven't had a chance to take a look at all the new laces, you are missing out!!  Oh how do you like my little kettle charms?  hee hee  I thought they were rather fitting!

Ahhh my flower bouquets!!  I've made some Foamiran flowers adding some matt vintage and pearl stamens but also some pink glass stamens.  I've layered in a hyacinth, pink pearl spray, a lilac foam spiral AND A BON BON!!!  You can see the bon bon better in the right pic.  I LOVE THE BON BON'S!  I like saying BON BON too.  LOL!!  

Underneath this bouquet I snuck in a pretty die from Fantasy "New Year's Desire Catcher". At first glance I thought they were snowflakes but they aren't.  YAY!  I'm gonna use this thing on everything!  ha ha ha!!  I added a little green fruit stamen beside my pink flower for some added foliage.  There are quite a few colors in the shop and super cute!  

Well now that I've just written my post I want to go play and I can't.  It's evening and I'm off to bed as I've had a long day.  YAY to the weekend coming so I'll get lots of crafty time in.  It's still very much winter here and being inside is much nicer.  LOL! 

Enjoy your weekend when it gets here and 
thanks for stopping by!!  


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Friday, February 2, 2018


I did post my amazing new craft room a few years ago but I wasn't finished yet.  I have since installed more cupboards and a wall display and now it's done!!  I have had a number of people tell me they'd love to see where I work so here it is.  I didn't have the upper cabinets so had those installed in the summer.  Hubby says just because you have more room doesn't mean you have to fill it.   WHAT?!!!  You do realize I'm a crafter right?!!  LMBO!

I love this big closet ... it's full.  ha ha ha ha ha!!   In the rolling carts I have all my flowers and in the green organizer's I store all my embellishments.  

This is my favorite part of the room as it hosts everything cool!  LOL!!  The wall display was just installed this past week hence why it isn't full yet.  That'll come with time.  I'm so happy with it.  

Taking pics in lighting...well I've still not perfected that but anyway, I love the CREATE letters I've put above the window and although you can't see it, my view is amazing of the back yard.  It's just full of snow anyway.  Bleech!  LOL!!  

Oh ha ha ok yes and the island for 4 is my favorite as well.

This view is my double doors leading from hubby's man den into my craft room so we can separate out both rooms if we have friends over or want to watch our own TV's.  

Speaking of TV's, you can see my laptop so that is my normal station and when I look into his man den I can see his monstrosity of a TV over the fireplace.  I think it's a 78" and curved so you can sit anywhere and have a good view.  It's great to watch a movie or sports on.  hee hee

Just one more pic of the island. 

And there you have it!!!  This is where I spend most weekends and I love it.  I am soooo lucky and appreciative of what I have.  I never thought or even dreamed of having something like this.  I walk into my home and then my craft room and after 2 years I still can't believe it's mine!!  WHAT?!  For me?!!  LOL!!!